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Hydroponics Supply

  • Solutions made specifically for Oakton® meters and testers.
Oakton pH 4.01, pH 7.00 & 1413 TDS Solution

    For optimal performance, re-calibrate your meters periodically or if testing TDS or
    conductivity levels in wide or different ranges.

  • NaCl calibration solution.
  • Comes in lightweight HDPE plastic bottles.
  • Sealed with a coated foam liner.
HM Digital TDS Calibration Solution

    TDS solution are produced with high-quality potassium chloride in various
    concentrations. They are standardized using a conductivity meter calibrated with
    NIST potassium chloride.

    The 1413 μS/cm solution is the one best suited for general use. This solution is
    also available in combination kits with the pH 7 buffer for the easy calibration of
    multiparameter instruments
Hanna 1500PPM & 1413 uS-CM Calib. Solutions

    HANNA®' buffer solutions are prepared according to precise formulas and are
    standardized with a pH meter calibrated according to the NIST standards.

    All pH 4 solutions show batch number, expiration date and the correlation table
    between pH and temperature.

    pH 7.01 is the most widely used among all buffer solutions.
Hanna pH4 & pH7 Calibration Solutions

    HANNA® packet solutions are prepared according to precise formulas and are
    standardized with a pH meter calibrated according to the NIST standards. The 20
    mL sachets are single-dose and are ready to use.
Hanna 20 ML Packet Solutions

  • pH cleaning and calibration kit:
  • Full color laminated instructions
  • Calibration solutions
  • De-canter vessels
  • Probe cleaner
  • Toothbrush
Bluelab pH & Nutrient Probe Clean Calibration Kit
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Oakton Calibration pH 4.01
Oakton Calibration pH 7.00
Oakton 1413 TDS Calibration Solution
1000 PPM Calibration Solution
Hanna 1500 PPM Calibration Solution
Hanna 1413 uS/CM Calibration Solution
Hanna pH 4 Calibration Solution
Hanna pH 7 Calibration Solution
pH 4.01 Calibration Solution 20ml (case only, qty 25)
pH 7.01 Calibration Solution 20ml (case only, qty 25)
pH 10.01 Calibration Solution 20ml (case only, qty 25)
Cleaning Solution 20ml (case only, qty 25)
1382 PPM TDS Solution (case only, qty 25)
1500 PPM TDS Solution (case only, qty 25)
pH probe Clean - Calibration Kit
Nutrient Probe Cleaning Kit
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