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    These reservoirs are designed for simplicity in maintenance and
    performance. Each reservoir works with a specially designed lid
    containing an access port. This access port allows for a porthole
    cover with a raised grip. This standard option allows the gardener
    easy access to the reservoir without taking the entire lid off, ensuring
    a more functional routine of adding solutions, nutrients and water.
    Note: All Botanicare reservoirs, lids and porthole covers are sold a
    la carte. Each component needs to be purchased separately
Botanicare Reservoirs and Lids

    The Eazy Drain™ Reservoirs use a gradual interior slope to allow the
    solution to drain completely without manually tilting the units. Designed to be
    used with a bulkhead fitting and on/off valve, the Eazy Drain™ makes
    maintaining your hydroponic systems hassle free. The Eazy Drain™ also
    includes molded volume markers in gallons and liters so you’ll always know
    how much solution you have left.

    Note: All Botanicare reservoirs, lids and porthole covers are sold a la carte.
    Each component needs to be purchased separately
Botanicare Eazy Drain Reservoirs & Lids
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10 Gal Lid
10 Gal Reservoir - 90/plt
20 Gal Lid
20 Gal Reservoir - 60/plt
40 Gal Lid
40 Gal Reservoir - 45/plt
70 Gal Lid
115 Gal lid
115 Gal reservoir -20/plt
50 Gal Eazy Drain lid
50 Gal Eazy Drain bottom - 30/plt
100 Gal Eazy Drain lid
100 Gal Eazy Drain bottom - 30/plt
70 Gal reservoir - 50/plt

    *For use with Botanicare® reservoirs.
Porthole Covers
Porthole Cover (for 10, 20, 40, 70, 115 gallon)
Porthole Cover for Turbogarden (25 gallon)
Porthole Cover for Microgarden & Eazy Drain (50 & 100 gallon)
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