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  • Philips
Philips Enhanced Performance HPS Lamps

    HPS (high pressure sodium) Grow lights have good spectral distribution. High Pressure
    Sodium Grow Lights emit the yellow and red regions of the spectrum. High pressure
    sodium bulbs help stimulate flower and fruit production in plants more efficiently than
    other grow light sources. It is best to use HPS Grow Lights in addition to or cycled with
    metal halide grow lights.
Sylvania & GE Standard HPS Lamps

    Metal Halide Grow lights have good spectral distribution. MH Grow Lights emit the bluish
    and green regions of the light spectrum. Metal Halide Grow Systems stimulate plant
    growth more efficiently than any other grow light source. It is best to use Metal Halide
    Lamps in addition to or cycled with with HPS grow lights.
Standard MH Lamps
HPS PHIL 600 Lumens 88,500
HPS Phil 150 Lumens 16,000
HPS Phil 250 Lumens 28,500
HPS Phil 400 Lumens 50,000
HPS PHIL 430 Lumens 53,000
HPS Phil 1000 Lumens 140,000
HPS PHIL 1000 Lumens 146,000 $90.06
HPS SYL 400 Lumens 58,000
HPS SYL 750 Lumens 105,000
HPS GE 150 Lumens 16,000
HPS GE 400 Lumens 56,000
HPS GE 600 Lumens 90,000
HPS GE 600 Lumens 92,000
MH GE 175 Lumens 13,500
MH GE 250 Lumens 20,500
MH GE 400 Lumens 20,000 $37.36
MH GE 1000/BT-56 Lumens 110,000
MH GE 1000/BT-37 Lumens 110,000
MH PHIL 400 Lumens 36,000

    This 1000 Watt Super Metal Halide bulb provides 12% more light output than a
    standard universal metal halide lamp. This Metal Halide lamp must be burned in a
    horizontal position. Metal Halide produces a strong output of the blue spectrum, which
    will promote strong vegetative growth and plant growth. This blue spectrum is most
    needed by plants for rapid growth.
Venture Super Metal Halide Horizontal Lamp
Super MH Venture 1000 Lumens 115,000
Super MH Base-Up GE 1000 Lumens 125,000 $62.86

    The Philips Master Color® Ceramic Metal Halide lamps are optimized for operation
    on High Pressure Sodium (HPS) ballasts. The ceramic discharge arc tube is more
    robust than the traditional quartz arc tube maintaining superior lumens with a crisp,
    bright, white light. These lamps are rated for open fixture use and with no shut off
    required, they are ideal for 24/7 operation. Simply replace the lamp at or before the
    end of its rated life.
Philips MH Conversion Lamps
MH Conversion PHIL 250 Lumens 20,500
MH Conversion PHIL 400 Lumens 34,800 $61.16