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Hydroponics Supply

    An assorted supply of plant vine holders. Use to hold your plant vines to your plant
    support. 25 assorted pieces per package
Bond Assorted Vine Holders

    Ideal for guiding growing plants. Use garden net trellis to support vine flower and
    vegetable plants. Attaches to stakes or poles to create a sturdy structure for plants to
    climb. An easy way to keep your plants neat
Bond Garden Net Trellis

    Come in retail friendly pre-packaged bundles. Dyed green to blend in with the plants.
    Bamboo stakes are all natural, strong, lightweight, inexpensive, weather well and last
    several seasons in the garden. Use these stakes as plant stakes and markers, or as
    supports for potted plants.
Bond Green Bamboo Stakes

    Green plastic coated plant stakes with a steel core. Rustproof with water tight closures
    on both ends, won't rot or split. Lightweight for indoor or outdoor use. Spurs on stake
    provide easy tying and prevent vine slip down.
Bond Super Steel Stakes

    This garden twine in green or natural is a roll of 200' of 2-ply soft garden twine. Jute
    Twine is made from natural fiber and is biodegradable. Can be used for countless jobs
    around the garden. This excellent quality twine is strong, but it won't cut or harm plants.
Bond Twine

    Comes on a spool with a built-in cutter. Twist tie is ideal for tying up plants, vegetables
    and vines. Plastic coated for gardening. Cut to any length using the built in easy cutter.
Bond Twist Tie Spool

    Plant Ties are an easy way to train vines or support plants. No knots required. The plant
    ties are adjustable, UV resistant and durable. Plant ties wrap around your plant and
    back onto themselves for a secure self-gripping hold
Velcro Plant Ties

    These spools are a simple and easy way to support your plants as they grow. Each
    spool contains 25 meters (82 ft) of line. They feature a built in hook so they can be
    securely attached to your support structure
Reel-Enz Plant Support Spools
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Velcro Plant Ties - 45' x 1/2" Roll
Reel-Enz Spools
Bond Assorted Vine Holdera- 50CT
Bond Greenl Bamboo Stakes- 2' 25Ct
Bond Greenl Bamboo Stakes- 3' 25Ct
Bond Greenl Bamboo Stakes- 4' 25Ct
Bond Greenl Bamboo Stakes- 6' 6Ct
Bond Super Steel Stake- 2' 20CT
Bond Super Steel Stake- 3' 20CT
Bond Super Steel Stake- 6' 20CT
Bond Super Steel Stake- 8' 10CT
Bond Twist Tie Spool
Bond Green Twine- 200'
Bond Natural Twine- 200'