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Hydroponics Supply
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hydroponics,grow light,plant grow light
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Drip Hydroponic System

The new EuroGrower from General Hydroponics is the ideal system for someone new to
gardening. The EuroGrower provides users with a simple, yet elegant approach to home
The heart of the EuroGrower is our custom designed 40-gallon Panda reservoir, which is
more than adequate for its eight
2-gallon buckets. Whether using a soil or soil-less medium,
growers can use the EuroGrower virtually anywhere. The EuroGrower comes complete with
Flora Series nutrients, which are currently the industry standard.

4’7” x 2’
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  • 20 Site  Aeroponics System
  • 30 Site Aeroponics System
  • 36 Site Aeroponics System
  • 60 Site Aeroponics System

    Designed specifically for indoor cultivation under a grow
    light, the AeroFlo2 36 site system offers thirty-six plant
    sites in a compact footprint. It also features a generous
    40-gallon Panda® reservoir.

    This system includes:
    • 40-gallon Panda reservoir
    • Six 4 ft. grow chambers
    • Bluestone pump
    • Injection manifold
• Support structure
• 3" Grow Cups
• CocoTek Coco
Cups and Hydroton
• 3 part Flora Kit
This system includes:
• 40-gallon Panda® reservoir
• 8 buckets
• 250gph Mag-Drive® 2
Mag-Drive® Pump
• CocoTek bricks
• Hydroton
• PH kit
• Grasslin timer
3-part Flora Kit
General Hydroponics Water Farm - 8 Pack Kit
    The WaterFarm 8 Pack Circulating Upgrade Kit contains
    everything needed to reconfigure an 8 Pack and add
    nutrient circulation capability to an existing system. This
    promotes even growth and more consistent results overall.
    Kit Includes:

  • 9 1/2” Grommets
  • 15 1/2” Straight Barbed Fittings
  • 4 1/2” Elbow Barbed Fittings
  • Blue Tubing 1/2” x 8”
  • Blue Tubing 1/2” x 9’
  • Circulating pumping column
  • Air Hose 1/4” x 6’
  • Single Output Air Pump
  • 13/16” Spade bit
  • 1/4” Drill bit
WaterFarm® 8-Pack Circulating Upgrade Kit

    The WaterFarm 8-pack is eight WaterFarm
    module units connected to one Controller.
  • Integrated 13 gallon reservoir and an 8 gallon
    controller unit.
    - The Controller will keep each unit topped off
    with the correct level of nutrient for low

    -The kit is powered by GH’s Dual Diaphragm
    Air Pump.
  • Includes all the necessary hardware, supplies
    and Flora Series nutrients.
    -The grower can arrange the WaterFarm units
    in a design that is suitable for any environment.

*Note:This system does not include Hydroton®.
Hydroponic Systems AeroFlo² 18 Site
Hydroponic Systems AeroFlo² 20 Site
Hydroponic Systems AeroFlo² 30 Site
Hydroponic Systems AeroFlo² 36 Site
Hydroponic Systems AeroFlo² 60 Site
Hydroponic Systems AeroFlo² 60 Site Extension (no pump)
Hydroponic Systems 6 Foot Laser Drilled Spray line
Hydroponic Systems 1" Grommet for AeroFlo spray line
Hydroponic Systems 1.25 Grommet for AerFlo chamber drain
Hydroponic Systems 3" Site Plug
Hydroponic Systems 4" Site Plug
General Hydroponics Power Grower - 8 Pack Kit

    The latest hydroponic system from General

Features :

  • 8 of the new 5.7 gallon hex reservoirs w/ 3
    gallon growing growing changers.

  • 17 gallon master reservoir

  • 17 gallon controller w/
     float valve, tubing, fittings,
    drip rings and GH nutrients.
Hydroponic Systems Power Grower 8 pack
Hydroponic Systems EuroGrower 8 (complete)
Hydroponic Systems Water Farm 8 pack
Hydroponic Systems Water Farm 8 pack Ciculating Upgrade Kit
General Hydroponics Water Farm
      This extremely reliable system has proven
    itself over the last 25 years! Grow one large
    plant or up to five small ones. It increases
    oxygen to the roots for vigorous growth and
    healthier plants.
    The WaterFarm comes in two forms, complete
    and modular. The complete WaterFarm is
    designed to be a stand alone system.
Includes :
  • 4-gallon reservoir    
  • Pumping column
  • Column support tube
  • Drip ring, .

    The modular unit comes without a Drain Level
    Tube, Elite air pump, Hydroton®, or Flora
    kit, as it is designed to use with a General
    Hydroponics controller supplying multiple
    WaterFarm units.

Dimensions:     9" L x 9" W x 15 inches H
General Hydroponics Controller Complete &
General Hydroponics Texas Controller
  • Elite® 800 air pump
  • 9L Hydroton®
  • 3-part Flora Kit
  • Drain level tube
  • 1/2" Grommet
  • 2-gallon growing
Hydroponic Systems Water Farm complete
Hydroponic Systems Water Farm module
General Hydroponics Water Farm Farm Kit

    Plumbing hardware for Water Farm.

    Kit includes:
  • drip ring
  • pumping column
  • drain level tube
  • clip
  • clear air hosen
  • grommet.
Hydroponic Systems Farm Kit - 10 kits per case

  • The Controller Complete
    is designed to
    accommodate 8 farm
    modules. It includes a 13
    gallon reservoir, 8 gallon
    controller, tubing, fittings
    and float valve.

  • The Texas Controller
    accommodates 16 farm
    modules 20 gal. reservoir
    and 20 gal. controller.
Hydroponic Systems Controller Complete
Hydroponic Systems Texas Controller
American Agritech Aerojet
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Hydroponic Systems 4 Tray Aerojet 42" x 54" (reservoir size: 20 gal)
The AEROJET ™ is a true aeroponic system, not a deep flow hydro-
aeroponic system. Microjets spray the roots of the plants allowing for
aggressive growth rates due to the high levels of oxygen delivered to the root
zone. The AEROJET ™ is ideal for hobbyists, as well as schools, research
and education to monitor the root system and is preferred by advanced
growers as the method of choice in feed delivery methods. The AEROJET
™ is a true tool to teach and learn the science of hydrogardening dynamics.

The AEROJET ™ is powered by a high output pump providing a super-
oxygenated environment to the root system.Mist continually or in micro
bursts of one minute on and four minutes off.  The AEROJET ™ comes
standard with six 4 inch net pots and is also available with four 5 inch net