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SolarMax HPS Grow Light Bulbs | SolarMax MH Grow Light Bulbs | SolarMax Grow Light Lamps | SolarMax
    SolarMax™ lamps are specifically designed for horticultural applications. ISO certified
    engineering and manufacturing processes assure high quality and optimized performance.
    SolarMax™ grow lamps are designed with the grower in mind. As plants approach maturity
    they require less "Blue Light" and depend more upon radiation from the "Red" portion of the
    spectrum between 610 nm - 720 nm. The SolarMax™ HPS lamps have been engineered to
    constantly deliver 10% more targeted "Red Light" energy to the maturing plant to promote
    aggressive flowering.
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SolarMax Enhanced Performance HPS Lamps

    In younger plants it is blue light that is the most crucial. The SolarMax™ Veg Metal Halide bulb
    delivers 30% more blue light than standard bulbs. The result is stronger roots during crucial
    early stages of development and more vigorous, vegetative growth throughout the plant's life.
    They are universal bulbs, which means that they can be burned horizontally or vertically.
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SolarMax Blue Enhanced Performance MH Lamps

  • SolarMax™ Gold are excellent for fruiting/flowering applications and because they are
    metal halide lamps, they have enough full spectrum energy for all a plant needs from 380
    to 760 nanometers.
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SolarMax Red Enhanced Performance MH Lamp

  • SolarMax™ lamps are specifically designed for horticultural applications. ISO certified
    engineering and manufacturing processes assure high quality and optimized performance.
    SolarMax™ Metal Halide Conversion lamps are designed to be used in High Pressure
    Sodium Ballasts.
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SolarMax MH Conversion Lamps
HPS SolarMax 400 Lumens 55,000
HPS SolarMax 600 Lumens 95,000
HPS SolarMax 1000 Lumens 147,000
Blue-Enhanced SolarMax 400 Lumens 32,000
Blue-Enhanced MH SolarMax 1000 Lumens 85,000
Red-Enhanced MH SolarMax 1000 Lumens 100,000
MH Conversion SolarMax 600 Lumens 55,000
MH Conversion SolarMax 1000 Lumens 90,000