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sun system commercial greenhouse galaxy cradle, sun system commercial greenhouse,sun system commercial galaxy
Sun System® Commercial Greenhouse Galaxy™ Cradle

  • This fixture was designed to easily accommodate our Galaxy™ ballasts
    for installation into commercial greenhouses.
  • The primary benefits of using this fixture is easy installation and de-
    installation should the fixture stop operating correctly. Instead of having
    to go to the effort and cost of de-installing a complete, permanently
    installed fixture, simply detach the power cord and lamp cord from the
    Galaxy™ ballast and send it back for repair.
  • The Galaxy™ cradle is made from heavy duty galvanized steel. It’s
    powder coated finish will protect the fixture in harsh greenhouse
  • The Galaxy™ ballasts will run on 120, 208 or 240 volt power without
    any internal wiring changes.
  • Our Sunstar reflector is made from 95% reflective European
    aluminum. This material was designed specifically for high
    performance lighting fixtures. It offers the best output and diffusion
    properties available in the lighting industry.
  • Fixture comes with a pre-wired mogul base socket. All wiring is
    protected in an enclosed junction box.
Sun System® 3 Commercial Greenhouse Fixture

  • The Commercial Greenhouse Fixture is designed to withstand damp, hostile
    conditions found in greenhouse environments providing years of reliable
  • Specifically engineered extruded aluminum ballast enclosures is designed to
    dissipate heat. The powder coated finish is attractive, durable and will never rust.
  • We use only the finest components – including domestic high temperature
  • Built-in hanging brackets make for easy installation.
  • Compatible with Sunstar reflector – made from 95% reflective European aluminum
    for excellent output and diffusion.
  • New Feature: Quad tap ballast leads (120, 208, 240, 277) are all accessible in the
    junction box. This allows for easy installation without opening the fixture housing.
  • Our EZ Cap door (patent pending) allows easy access to the capacitor without
    having to de-install the entire fixture.
  • FREE computer generated lighting layouts.
  • The Sunstar reflectors do not accept glass. For the ETL listing to apply metal halide
    lamps need to be “MP” protected MH lamps.
  • Purchase ballast, reflector and lamp separately.
  • These ballasts do not come with a power cord due to the different voltage options.
    Purchase power cords separately.
sun system 150, sun system 150 grow light fixture, sun system 150 watt
Sun System® HPS 150 Grow Light Fixture
    This compact easy to use light fixture will work great for any gardener.
    The high intensity bulb provides the output and color spectrum
    required for successful indoor gardening. Grow herbs, flowers or fresh
    vegetables all year, not just in summer. Dimensions: 15” x 4½” x 7¼”.
    2 Year Warranty.
  • 150 watt high pressure sodium bulb (mogul base) included – delivers
    an amazing 16,000 lumens! The color spectrum is ideal for indoor
  • Highly reflective aluminum insert.
  • Vented housing helps dissipate heat.
  • Durable white powder coated finish.
  • Backlit on/off switch.
  • 7’ grounded 120 volt power cord.
  • Excellent quality ballast will provide years of trouble-free use.
  • This light fixture was designed in our state-of-the-art research and
    development facility located in Vancouver,   WA USA.
Sun System 2, Sun System 2 400w hps, sun System 2 250 hps,sun system 2 hps
Sun System® 2 - Enclosed Ballast System

  • Steel powder coated housing.
  • Highly reflective German aluminum interior.
  • 8 foot grounded power cord.
  • Backlit on / off switch.
  • Chrome wire mounting hangers.
  • Mogul base socket.
  • Air-cooled with optional fittings.
  • Accepts optional glass.
  • Purchase your choice of lamps separately
  • Dimensions: 22 1/2” Long x 12 3/4” Wide x 7 1/2” Tall
  • 5 Year Warranty
sun system hps 150, sun system hps 150 grow light fixture, sun system 150 watt
Plant Lighting HPS 150 w/Ultra Sun Grow Lamp
Plant Lamps HPS 150 Replacement Grow Light Major Brand
Plant Lamps HPS 150 Replacement Grow Lamps- Ultra Sun
Plant Lamp MH 150 Replacement Grpw Lamps- Conversion-Ultra Sun Grow Light
SS2 Plant Lighting Fixtures-MH 250 Watt Grow Lamp
SS2 Plant Lamp Fixtures-MH 400 Watt Grow Plant Light
SS2 Plant Lighting Fixtures-HPS 250 Watt Grow Lamps
SS2 Plant Lamps Fixtures-HPS 400 Watt Grow Lamps
SS2 Plant Lamps Switchable Fixtures-250 Watt Plant Grow Light
SS2 Plant Lamp Switchable Fixtures-400 Watt
Sun System 3, sun system 3 greenhouse light fixture, sun system 3 grow lights
Sun System 3 hps, Sun system 3 commercial, sun system 3 mh 1000w commercial
Commercial Greenhouse Fixture MH 400 Watt Ballast
Commercial Greenhouse Fixture MH 1000 Watt Ballast
Commercial Greenhouse Fixture HPS 400 Watt Ballast
Commercial Greenhouse Fixture HPS 600 Watt Ballast
Commercial Greenhouse Fixture HPS 1000 Watt Ballast
Sunstar- Midsize Reflector (for MH & HPS 400)
Sunstar- Large Reflector (for MH 1000, HPS 600 & 1000)
Sun system 4, sun system 400 watt hps, sun system 400w, sun system 400w hps
Sun System 4
sun system commercial grow, sun system commercial grow light
Sun System Commercial Galaxy Cradle
Sun System 2 accessories-Glass
Sun System 2&4 accessories-Universal Air-Cooled-4"Fitting
Sun System 4 Fixtures-HPS 150 Watt
Sun System 4 Fixtures-MH 175 Watt
Sun System 4 accessories-Glass
Sun System 2&4 accessories-Universal Air-Cooled-4"Fitting

  • Steel powder coated housing.
  • Highly reflective German aluminum interior.
  • 8 foot grounded power cord.
  • Chrome wire mounting hangers.
  • Air-cooled with optional fittings.
  • Accepts optional glass.
  • Purchase your choice of lamps separately
  • Dimensions: 15” Long x 9 1/2” Wide x 5 3/4” Tall
  • 5 Year Warranty