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hydroponics,grow light,plant grow light
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Sun System® Gro Pro™ Remote Ballasts
Grow light, plant grow light, indoor grow light, hydroponics lighting, hydroponics light, cheap grow light, grow light

  • 5kv Socket with 15' lamp cord 16 gauge   

  • 5kv Socket with 25' lamp cord 14 gauge
Sun System® Gro Pro™ Remote Ballasts
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Lamp and Powercords To Use With Gro Pro™
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  • GroPro Sun System ballast mutli-vent surface for great heat dissipating.
  • Sun Systems Dual Ballast are capable of 190,000 lumens output. {Use SOLARMAX Super hps bulb}
  • Do not use 25' socket or cord set with sun system 600w dual ballast grow lights
  • Lighting controllers allows multi-light systems to be controlled with a single 120v. timer.
  • Sun System GroPro can be kept outside the grow room to relieve heat build-up.
  • Cooling lights can reduce energy consumption down by half { 6" or 8" vented hoods}
  • Always keep ballasts off the floor in-case of leaks or overflowing reservoirs