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hydroponics,grow light,plant grow light
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hydroponics system
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    Strengthening beads ensure a stiffer, round elbow and a better seal. All elbows come
    standard with one end crimped. Ideal-Air™ adjustable elbows are used to make turns in
    round pipe and flexible duct through 90 degrees. They have a sturdy galvanized steel
    construction and are simple to adjust.
Ideal-Air Adjustable 90º Elbow Ducting
Elbow duct fittings, duct fittings, ideal air elbow duct fitting, ducting fitting

    These are excellent quality back draft dampers. They are made from heavy-gauge
    galvanized steel with heavy duty springs. They use both an embossed bead & rubber
    gasket to help keep ducting securely in place. They prevent back draft air when your fans
    are off
EcoPlus Ducting Dampers
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EcoPlus Inline Duct Boosters
inline duct boosters,duct booster fans, inline duct fans,ducting booster fan,inline ducting booster fans

    These flange kits are used to vent air through a wall or ceiling. Mount the flange kit to the
    wall or ceiling, then attach your duct work to the flange. Also for use with Sun Huts.
EcoPlus Flange Kits
Eco PlusFlange kits, duct flange kits, ducting flange kits, Duct flanges
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EcoPlus 4" Flange Kit
EcoPlus 6" Flange Kit
EcoPlus 8" Flange Kit
EcoPlus 4" Inline Duct Booster
EcoPlus 6" Inline Duct Booster
EcoPlus 8" Inline Duct Booster
EcoPlus 12" Inline Duct Booster
EcoPlus Ducting Damper 4"
EcoPlus Ducting Damper 6"
EcoPlus Ducting Damper 8"
EcoPlus Ducting Damper 10"
EcoPlus Ducting Damper 12"
EcoPlus Ducting Damper 14"
Ideal Air Adjustable 90* Elbow 4"
Ideal Air Adjustable 90* Elbow 6"
Ideal Air Adjustable 90* Elbow 8"
Ideal Air Adjustable 90* Elbow 10"
Ideal Air Adjustable 90* Elbow 12"
Ideal Air Adjustable 90* Elbow 14"
Ideal Air Adjustable 90* Elbow 16"