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    This Ideal-Air™ flex duct has a silver exterior and black inner core. 25' length silver/black
    ducting available in a variety of sizes.

  • Commercial grade.
  • Black inner core helps reduce light transfer.
  • Made with heavy duty materials.
  • Re-sized to make installation easier.
Ideal-Air Silver/Black Ducting
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    Ideal for air cooling all Sun System® hoods. Also can be used in various heating,
    ventilating or exhausting applications. These Class 1 aluminum flexible air duct
    connectors are made from tough, puncture resistant 3 ply aluminum foil laminate and
    contain a high density, corrosion resistant wire helix in the duct wall for support.
Ideal-Air Silver/Silver Ducting
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    The 2000 SR Series Ducting is specifically engineered to handle unconditioned air. It
    can withstand high heat, high humidity and excessive CFM’s without any duct failure or
    fatigue. 2000 SR features a triple laminate with industrial grade foil casing for durability,
    and an ultra-smooth double sealed core for frictionless and silent air flow. The “Carbon
    Black” inner core does not reflect light. “Rip-stop” prevents tearing, galvanized spring
    steel maintains duct shape and prevents rust. Made in Canada and engineered for what
    you need! Sold in case quantities only.
2000 SR Ducting
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    ThermoFlo Technologies ‘SRB’ series is an industrial quality insulated duct
    manufactured “tough” for consumers’ and installers’ peace of mind. It consists of a
    three ply polyester laminate, fiberglass reinforced scrim, galvanized spring steel wire,
    wrapped with fiberglass insulation, which provides an outstanding combination of
    strength and tear resistance. A heavy duty fire retardant black polyethylene vapor barrier
    adds extra durability. The insulation reduces noise, heat loss and condensation.
SR Insulated Ducting
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    Cambridge Resources has custom engineered state-of-the-art extruding technology to
    weave the very finest quality Support Webbing that meets or exceeds every industry
    standard. Cambridge’s 1.75" Support Webbing registers a remarkable tensile strength
    of up to 440 lbs.

  • Nylon webbing duct support strap.
  • Use to hang HVAC duct.
  • 440 lb. average tensile strength.
  • 1.75" x 50 foot roll
Flex Duct Hanger Strap
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  • 2" x 50 yard roll of heavy duty silver duct tape.
  • General contractors duct tape of choice.
  • Aggressive natural rubber adhesives for high performance applications.
Ideal-Air Silver Duct Tape
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  • 2" x 30 yard roll of heavy duty aluminum foil tape.
  • No paper liner to peel back makes this tape extremely user friendly.
  • UV resistant.
  • Excellent reflective properties.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Operating temperatures: -35˚ F to 350˚ F
Ideal-Air Silver Foil Tape
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  • A 2 mil, heavy duty, high strength aluminum foil coated with a specially formulated
    pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive system. Will not leave behind messy adhesive
    residue. Use it to make your ducting to fixture connections air tight. Also used to seal any
    air gaps in reflectors. UL listed.
Silver Flex Duct Tape
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10" x 25' SR Ducting (case only, qty 2)
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6" x 25' ducting with clamps
8" x 25' ducting with clamps
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Ideal-Air Silver/Black Ducting -12" x 25'
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Ideal-Air Silver/Black Ducting -16" x 25'
Ideal-Air Silver Duct Tape 2" X 50 yards
Flex Duct Hanger Strap 1 3/4 X 50'
Ideal-Air Silver Foil Tape 2" X 30 yards